Gutter Guard Systems in Brunswick County

Are you noticing clogging and overflowing water in your rain gutters? Are you a home or business owner that wants to protect your property from water damage? At Gutter Depot of Myrtle Beach, we’re your dedicated solution for gutter guard systems in Brunswick County! We install premium K-Guard Gutter systems for property owners throughout the region, and we help to protect your home or business from overflow problems, like rotted fascia boards, basement flooding and more.

How Gutter Depot Gutter Guard Systems Work

Our K-Guard Gutter system installation adds gutters to your home that safely remove rainwater from your property. The effective gutter system prevents clogging and buildup of leaves, twigs, needles and other debris. With our gutters, there is a narrow opening between the hood and the gutter, which easily collects rainwater and blocks out everything else. During a rainfall, the water pushes everything on the roof harmlessly to the ground. Best of all, you won’t have to get up on a ladder or on the roof, and take a risk cleaning your gutters.

Through technology based studies, the Gutter Depot K-Guard Gutter System has been proven to withstand the most extreme of weather conditions. It can support up to 35 lbs. per foot of gutter in vertical loads, and it can handle as much as 70 lbs. with each installed hanger. The hood itself can take on as much as 60 lbs. per square foot in load and uplift. Your new gutter guard system will stay strong without bending or weakening, and it will resist corrosion through the worst of rain, snow, and wind.

With all the protection your new gutter guard system provides, and with its ability to withstand the worst of storms in Brunswick County, a new gutter guard installation is well worth the investment. You new gutter guard system will prevent basement flooding, expensive damage to your siding and much more, and preserve the value of your property for years to come.

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