Gutter Guard Systems in Garden City, SC

If the old-style gutters on your property are constantly filling up with leaves and debris, and you’re frequently taking the risk of cleaning them out, it’s time for a better solution! Stop wasting your time cleaning out your filthy gutters to prevent water overflow. Let the team at Gutter Depot of SC take care of the problem…we’re the answer to your search for gutter guard systems in Garden City, SC!

Gutter Depot of SC brings a solution to your clogged gutters, with our K-Guard gutter system installation. The K-Guard Gutter Guard is the ultimate protection for your gutters…it allows rainwater into the gutter while keeping out leaves, twigs, dirt and everything else. With your new gutter protection, there’s no need for you to climb up yourself to clean your gutters…and even better, your gutters will work effectively at keeping water from overflowing, and causing flooding or other damage on your property.

The K-Guard Gutter Guard system installs a hood over the gutter, and the hood prevents clogs from solid items. It’s constructed with high strength hangers at every two feet of installation, which prevents sagging over time. With the new gutter protection installed, the force of rainwater will push leaves, pine needles and twigs harmlessly away from the property.

Your new gutter guard system does more than protect your home from water problems and saving you the annoying trouble of gutter cleaning. It also adds value to your home, and it improves curb appeal too…you can choose from a variety of colors to match your home. Our professional team can install your new gutter protection in as quickly as a day in most cases.

A new gutter guard system is a simple investment that offers solid protection for your property…and lets you spend time doing other things besides cleaning gutters!

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