Gutter Installation In Six Mile, SC

Gutter Installation In Six Mile

Gutter Depot recently did a gutter installation in Six Mile, SC for a client who wanted new gutters. The client Mr. Austin felt it was time to replace his old gutter system, he took to the internet in search of someone who could install new gutters and after very little time he found the experts at Gutter Depot. He liked our competitive prices and decided to reach out to us, we sent a technician out to his home in order to give Mr. Austin an estimate, and after giving him one he agreed to the price. Work on the home started fast, our team of expert installers went out to his home and were able to install six inch gutters as well as some accompanying gutter guards. Mr. Austin was ecstatic at the site of his new gutter system, especially knowing that he’ll never have to get the gutters cleared out of leaves due to the guard.

Gutter Installation In Six Mile, SC Project Description:


  • White Aluminum Six Inch Gutters 
  • Gutter Guards

Key Project Features:

  • Installation of New White Aluminum Six Inch Gutters and Toppers
  • Full Clean Up and Project Approval from Homeowners

“The gutters are easy to clean and the guards match the roof and the shutters. The installers had a great personality and worked quickly.”
-Mr. Austin

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